Change Passcode: This will allow you to change the code for private entries to your diary by entering your number twice.

Import Photos: This feature will let you import any photos from your camera roll to your diary. Once selected, by touching pictures, it will place them in the diary on the exact date on which they are taken.

About: Explains the functionality of the app and allows you to e-mail us with suggestions or issues and you can also leave a review of the app.

My iStory:

This will allow you to make an entry in your diary by text, audio or pictures, when finished press done. If you wish to keep the entry private press the padlock and enter your code. If you are stuck on what to write you can insert some of the nice thoughts of the day by clicking the text at the top of the screen.

This allows you to take video and pictures within the diary.

This shows entries by date and a thumbnail of last photo saved.

This is a sharing feature which allows you to e-mail pictures or post them to Facebook or Twitter. In the e-book it also allows you to print the e-book.

This screen can take you directly to a specific date.

This feature allows you to save photos in specific galleries, to add a new folder press + and name it.


Press this button and it adds your picture to favourites gallery

Discards photos

Allows images to be saved to a gallery.

This allows you to insert a speech or thought bubble. You can then write your comments in standard text. If you are stuck for ideas just tap on the banner at top of photo to access 100s of famous movie quotes and sayings. When finished press done. If you choose save a copy you will keep the original photo and the one with the bubble. If you select save over original it will only keep picture with the bubble.

This feature allows you to create an e-book by selecting the date range and it will take in all the pictures from that period, there will be 4 pictures per page. If you wish to reduce the size of the book just use the slide bar.

This function will allow you to save your e-books to iBooks, your in phone library.

This gives you a full screen view.

(iOS 5 or higher only) This feature allows you to create a slideshow of a particular period showing written entries and photos. You can also add your favourite music for your itunes to playing in the background. This can also be e-mailed to friends similar to iBooks.